We help you produce effective, exciting, and profitable books and podcasts, so you can change the world.

Imagine if you could change the world with your ideas. What if you could create work that inspired generations?

Creative Earthlings Media provides a platform for creators who want to transform the world for the better. Whether you want to write a book or start a podcast, we can help you bring what you envision to market. And if you’re having trouble zeroing in on that vision or goal, we can coach you until you’ve got it!

Our founder, Izolda Trakhtenberg has written nine books and hosts the hit show, The Creative Solutions Podcast. We are uniquely positioned to connect you with your audience in engaging, exciting, and effective ways.

We offer a variety of services from editing, and brand design all the way to ushering your podcast or book through the entire publishing process from soup to nuts!

Podcast Production Services

We offer three tiers of podcast production. Learn more about our podcast production services or book a discovery call.

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You know what you’re doing. You’ll edit and produce the show yourself, but you want the setup done for you. You have the skills and the time to take on the project yourself.

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You want guidance on how to set everything up and some training on cover art, editing, how to create your intro and outro, and how to release and distribute your show.)

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You have a story to tell, and you want someone you trust to do all the rest. You want some training on how to interview podcast guests so you bring the best to your audience and clients,

Book Creation Services

We offer three tiers of book creation services. Learn more.

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You’ve written the book, and you want someone to copy edit or proofread your work as you prepare it for publication. You might also don’t have time to format it for eBook and print publication, so you want someone else take care of that for you.

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You’re almost there. You want someone to work with you to put the finishing touches on your work. You need a line edit to improve your manuscript throughout. You also need a fantastic cover that will have your audience clamoring for your book.

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You want a guide to work with you to develop your ideas into an exciting, compelling, and cohesive work that your audience will love from soup to nuts! You want someone who will work with you to write, edit, format, and create the ideal cover to have your audience ready to read.

Learn more or book a discovery call right now.

Your Ideas Can Change the World!

But will you remember them all? Get started on changing the world. Sign up so you can grab your own World-Changer’s Idea Document so you can keep track of your best ideas and inspirations in one easy-to-access place.

We are all interconnected.

What affects one of us affects all of us. Your words will reach your audience and expand their knowledge, wisdom, and view of our world. In turn, they will carry their new awareness to everyone whose lives intersect theirs. this will create a ripple effect of expanded awareness which will lead to lasting change. You are powerful. Your words are powerful. We are here to help you bring your message to your audience and all their connections. 

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